Semalt: Free Web Scraping Software For Newbies And Real Pros

Unlike a programmer, a non-programmer cannot write codes and lacks technical skills. Moreover, he/she is weak in mathematics and always looks for easy ways to scrape or extract data, accomplishing his/her online tasks. If you are a non-programmer dealing with a number of tasks, you may try these software or applications to scrape websites.


Scraper is a powerful Google Chrome extension. It is a simple yet amazing application for scraping single or multiple pages and converting the data extracted into spreadsheets. You can use this program only when you have Chrome as your primary web browser.

Scraper will automatically scan your web pages and extract data based on your requirements. It does not offer countless options but has a user-friendly interface.

Twitter and Facebook APIs

By using the Facebook and Twitter APIs, it is easy for you to extract data from a large number of websites. You can also analyze the sites of your competitors and monitor their keywords. API is the interface that lets thirty party tools to access social media programmatically. The APIs of both Facebook and Twitter can be integrated in a variety of ways; you can collect, scan and extract information from as many social media profiles as you want.

It is a powerful and one of the best web scraping and data mining programs. is the choice number one of non-programmers and web application developers. You can use this tool to scrape data from different URLs and create your own APIs based on your requirements. With, you can definitely get desired results in a few seconds. This program lets you select the data and specify web pages via its point-and-click button. It will explore various websites for you to find the right data to be extracted.

Kimono Labs

Kimono Labs is the only tool on this list that comes both in free and paid versions. If you are a non-programmer, you should opt for its free version and don't need to spend too much money on data extraction projects. And if you are a programmer or professional developer, you are advised to use its paid version that will cost you something from $20 to $30 based on your requirements and the plan you choose.

These web scraping applications are suitable for programmers. They are easy-to-use and come with online support. Moreover, all of these apps scrape data from both basic and advanced sites and blogs, without compromising on time and quality. Last but not the least, these applications can edit your data and remove spelling errors conveniently.